Thought of the day – Human bots

People with a myopic view of the world, a reality without context, are very certain about things because they don’t know enough to doubt themselves. Without doubt and inquisition we are nothing but bots in human shells. Hateful and resentful bots.

They are so certain that things like truth become obsolete for them, there is no need. They know. They are certain. What their tribe feeds they eat. And off they go spreading their hatred to all while thinking themselves the good ones, the saviours of the world.

A long time ago those used to be the fanatically religious sort. Those that imposed their ideology onto others with violence. Nothing much has changed, apart from the fact that we have a new religion. A religion of wokery, morphed progressivism, corruption of liberalism.

Out there saving the world, when they don’t even know how to save themselves. I feel sad for them and I pity them. I wish them well, may you heal your woes and come to your senses.