Thoughts – I didn’t leave the Left, the Left left me

The main thing that turned me against this new weird left, is their intolerance to any other viewpoint but theirs or rather tribe approved, their deep rooted resentment towards everything and a weird racist tang freely exhibited towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

I didn’t let anyone force me to obey the doctrines when I was in an Islamic dominated country and I sure as hell won’t let these meaningless people tell me what to say, think or do in the West. Go do one.

Your thought process is repulsive, its vile. This resentment towards anything traditional, good or wholesome is going to consume you till the point you’d even forget who you really are. And then you will find yourself committing heinous acts – repeating the evils of the past.

You are filled with resentment and hatred, towards yourself and others. And you keep projecting it. And keep finding ways to make yourself and others miserable. You cannot derive meaning & purpose from this vapid excuse of a life. I want nothing to do with you.

I am still a classical liberal in my heart, and I suppose I will stay that way. Even though I don’t like labeling myself this way or other, my philosophy of life is rooted in classical liberalism. But above all I prefer the centre. Life is better without such toxicity.