The implications of not choosing the right British PM – Thoughts

Why I think Kemi Bedenoch is the best option, in the current climate?

I don’t support Tories or Labour, and especially not LibDems. But I believe we need someone right now who is most aligned with reality. We are on the precipice of ending up like America with their current cultural meltdown, and regardless of our political leanings we need to push back.

Regardless of political leanings. I don’t agree with her conservatism fully but what I do think is a need for reality check in all aspects of political governance and societal/cultural perspectives. We need to turn this ship around from the Lalaland where it is currently headed.

Where up is down and down is up. Where we are letting the extremes of our mania take control of the conversations and build narratives that are just not based in the reality, we all live in.

All other candidates, perhaps with slight exception of Tom, exhibit a delusion from their own reality, from their own past and associations with people and ideas they support. They are not conducive to the challenges we face.

This country currently in the hands of Labour, will become even worse battlefield of identity politics. There is gross incompetence in the Labour camp to comprehend reality and the needs of the people.

Liberal Democrats and Green, well we all know what they are, even though we try to deny their false positions on most things real.

I wish there was a valid third/better option straightaway, but there isn’t. Right now, we have been dealt the hand that we have been dealt, perhaps because of the decisions we have made along the way.

I see Kemi as the only person who has any sort of convictions. The one who can put a stop to identity politics mania, turn the ship around, reprioritize governance approach, and as a result let the centrists in the country take the conversations back from the extremes.

That in my mind, is what is needed most. All policies and so forth, can be reversed and changed if needed in the future. But the conversation needs to come back to the centrists, to reality. We need to move away from tribal warfare.

Because it serves no one. It doesn’t serve the old or the new religion to be this detached from reality, and it certainly doesn’t serve the rest of the sane population.

We can hypothesize and we can imagine a great many things, but our sense of reality must correlate with what we know to be true and not what we want to be true.

Without Kemi as the leader at this time, I am afraid we are headed towards a destructive path. A path that will reduce us to something unrecognisable.