Thoughts – Proud to be British

In my 12 years thus far in England, I have never been faced with a systematic oppression to stop me from getting what I wanted & deserved because of my skin colour. What I have witnessed is inequalities due to social status/class, which effects everyone.

That is not to say there aren’t incidents of racism in society, of course all societies in the world have them. But sometimes you can take that feeling too far, and blame an organization for not promoting you and so forth because of racism while actually you don’t merit it.

There can also be individuals within the company that don’t hire or promote people of certain ethnicities because of their own prejudices but that is not necessarily a company policy, although it would be company policy failure for ensuring that doesn’t happen.

Britain has got a lot better in making sure that doesn’t happen, because inherently in Britain I feel there is a deep appreciation of meritocracy and an underlying dislike for those who take all the benefits of the nation but do not integrate.

There are various attempts to divide this country from within, because the ideals of Western values and culture are hallmarked in the Anglosphere. And the enemies of it have a clear motivation to target it, by turning people against each other and distorting reality.

We should guard ourselves against the extremist narratives, and make sure it doesn’t build an unjustified resentment which drives change for the worse. Don’t listen to these grifters and believe the evidence of your eyes.

For all its faults, I believe Britain is the best country in the world and I am incredibly proud to belong to her. We are the standard bearers of Western civilization. Stop letting them paint you as a constant victim. We can make it better if we stick together.