Thoughts – The impending doom

We are on the verge of facing a terrible winter with energy concerns. Low fertilizer stores possibly creating future famines in countries from where migration intake will increase and exasperate the problems here.

We are unlikely to provide aid to poorer countries without starving our own, and because we have made their economies dependent on aid, this will drive the migration crisis.

Which will create real pandemics, because of spread of diseases, lower immune systems as more people will have to eat what they are not used to and eat lower quality as not much will be available and so it will create famine.

Add that with the self destruction of net zero policies and a communist war on the European farmers driven by the malicious machinations of WEF and Bill Gates. Oh so they can ‘enlighten’ us on an insect diet by creating a necessity for it.

Was it always their plan, yes or maybe no, but they sure as hell adapted to it. Their incessant need to ‘save the planet’ will see many of the poor suffer greatly. We will see many deaths that will perhaps lower the population to satisfy their wet dreams.

No, these organisations don’t mean us well. Any ideology whose first instance is to control you, don’t mean you well. There is a war being besieged upon us and it is surely from within. We are both blind and party to it.

To resist an external opportunistic enemy in Russia was the right thing to do, and the support for Ukraine was essential. But I said it from the start, what is the right thing to do and what is the right thing that can be done are two very different things.

The time to negotiate and regroup was couple of months ago. Prolonging this war is going to result in a disaster we can’t even imagine right now. This is not a war Ukraine can win, but we could have negotiated. Now if we do, we have a weaker position and Russia knows it.

A hard choice, morally wrong perhaps. But a more logical one. We should have armed the eastern Nato front to the teeth instead, demanded Russia to withdraw from Kaliningrad, signed non-aggression pacts and secured the Western half of Ukraine first …

The wolves were already at the gates. And now they can smell our weakness. We have committed self sabotage. And we are continuing to do so. Our survival depends greatly now on the destruction of WEF, its talking points and its puppets in all our parliaments/senates.