Thought of the day – Attention seeking parenting

Since the popularity of social media, there are certain parents who have used it to advertise about their kids in order to receive some relevance, perhaps to fill in their own meaningless existence. It has gone from overly sharing pics on SM, to gender reveal, to now trans kids.

Nothing of this is done for the betterment of the kids and all to gain social credits and attention for those parents. Simply put this is child abuse and the worst form of parenting I have ever known to be.

I will relate it to my own personal story. When I was around 2-3 years old. I wanted to wear frocks and wear lipstick. My mum let me do that at home but not outside, much to my dad’s confusion. I grew out of that very quickly when I started playing with boys my age. Before that, I only had my older sister and my mum to play with mostly. And my dad did not have a close emotional connection with me. So I mimicked my surroundings. At no point did my mum tell me I was a girl or what a boy is supposed to be like, I figured that out myself. That I was indeed a boy, and loved being one very much so.

My dad should have been more active with his parenting but he was not. Not because of lack of love, but perhaps because of lack of parenting know how. Which in this day and age can be very damaging, because you are then likely to be influenced by parenting fads and false conceptions like trans kids phenomenon.

Kids are impressionable. They cannot make such life affirming and changing decisions. They believe in what you want them to believe in, they think what you think is the right way to think. To say that a child can choose their gender is not just idiotic, it is irresponsible.

These parents need to reassess their priorities. Is getting social brownie points more important than the long term physical and mental health of their kids? Or is this the reason why they are having kids – to fill their empty lives and gain attention?

If you truly love your kids then you must do more what is good for them in the long run than what you might think is good for them in the now. And if the kids genuinely have gender dysphoria then you would not be affirming that on social media, you take them to professionals who can go through the whole process without forcing the kids one way or another. Mental health issues are not there for you to gain popularity from, especially when it concerns your kids.