Thought of the day – Zoos

I have uneasy feeling about Zoos. I love animals so I enjoy going there but I also feel incredibly sad being there seeing the animals locked up in cages. It is not natural. With sanctuaries I get it. But Zoos are just caging animals for us to look at and I don’t like it.

Safari Zoos are better. I remember going to Berlin Zoo and they had these chimpanzees who were desperately trying to find a way to open there cages. It was around 4/5 years ago, but that feeling of sadness is still raw in me. Freedom is fundamental for all living beings.

I think we need to move away from the concept of Zoos, it is just not natural. Especially now that we can make such immersive documentaries and can also arrange safari trips albeit expensive and perhaps one of the major issues with the lack of that experience. But there has to be better ways to connect with animals, to observe and marvel at them without having to cage them for our pleasure. There is something fundamental about it that irks me.