A Manifesto for the next UK Government

Make it illegal for any sitting MP to be linked with foreign lobby groups.

No flags to be flown above public buildings that are not of regional or national significance.

With due process civil & public servants to be dismissed by elected officials.

Introduce new Freedom of Expression & Choice act, make it indisputable & unassailable by any future governments – no restrictions on civil liberties.

Revisit Religious Exemptions on Laws.

Discontinue all Diversity & Inclusion posts from all public institutions.

Prosecute any protestor or activist who defames individuals or harms the property of others, to the fullest extent of the law.

End Net Zero Policy, replace it with a more sensible approach.

Stop allowing foreign nationals to buy British land & limit to properties they can buy.

Separate BBC news from the rest of BBC then defund BBC news. No nation should’ve a news outlet that can be used for propaganda – same for any other funded channel.

Increase the size of army and arm our closest allies. A war is imminent in the future if we show weakness.

Reduce Immigration and Limit from certain countries that have hostile intent towards Britain.

Deport serious non-national offenders for life.

Repeal any laws that stop us from exercising our immigration policies.

Establish policies to drive out marxist ideology from schools, universities and all public institutions especially the civil service & local governments.

Make all gender conversion therapies & surgeries for children below the age of consent, illegal.

Uphold Western Values.

Reignite British Manufacturing & Farming – produce our own, grow our own.

Reduce foreign reliance on labour and means of production.

Train and educate our own to fill the current and projected gaps in our job market.

Reduce foreign aid.

Restructure all our welfare and benefits system, so that we focus more on those who need the help most, and deliver it in the most effective way.

Plenty more things – but this would be a good start. A manifesto we need to be delivered.