Political Games vs Freedom – I choose Freedom

Here is the thing, when the political right is in power they care more about the systems than people or their civil liberties, when the political left are in power they do the same. This is why I dislike both because they don’t inherently care about the people but their power.

The real power is with the people, and that is why the real power should always be with them as well. But we keep getting fooled into letting go of that power for some arbitrary safety.

And the idea Sam Harris recently eluded to that politicians should always defer to experts – in a way meaning the politicians are merely there to facilitate the dictations of experts, is the road to fascism where unelected officials rule over the populace who are considered too stupid to know better. Fascism is a disease of the extremes of both sides. In recent history manifesting itself in the forms of Nazism, Religious Dogmatism (as observed in Extremist Islamic Regimes of Iran & Afghanistan) and Communism.

This idea of experts knowing better is very dangerous. The political right uses this to justify the knowledge of the priest and the political left uses this to justify the knowledge of the scientists and other variation of science related experts. Both of them in their extremes are wrong, while in partiality hold truth but never in absolute terms. We are humans, we are not generalized objects. Subject to Subject, Person to Person we defer and so must things which apply to us.

This is not an exercise of either this or other. This is an exercise of a bit less of everything with a huge more of nothing. Nothing meaning leaving people the hell alone almost all the time as a model of governance.

Both sides play games and the only game I am interested in, is the game of freedom. Where for the most part, you leave me the hell alone and I reciprocate your generosity of spirit. The wily ones on both sides, attack free will. Oh is free will really free. Are we actually free. Step outside your sphere of self deluded machinations and give us a chance and then we can decide if we are free or not.