Thought of the day – Tribal Madness

I don’t understand some people who show clips of Zelensky while he was an actor and cabaret performer/comedian, to negate his viability as someone to be trusted with money or military funds for his people’s fight against an oppressor.

Did you expect him to be presidential while he was a performer, also given that he had not been preparing all his life in politics and did not know he would ever take this route? What a bizarre expectation.

Every government has corruption, unless you somehow think US and UK are corruption free. Every political leader has some flaws, unless you somehow think especially in US that Trump and Biden are angels who hath done no wrong.

No, what it is, is that your tribe has already informed you about ‘the truth’ and prescribed for you a way of thinking. One tribe has told you to hate him ergo think all his people are faking it and the oppressor is justified. The other tribe has told you he is a god, so worship him and think all his people are innocent and that the oppressor is pure evil. And now some people are even making a tribe out of no tribe.

Oh, we all know ‘the truth’ don’t we and we all are so sure about it. No way we could be wrong about it. How can we? our tribe has told us so, it is ‘the truth’, no room for doubt.

‘Dunning-Kruger effect: a cognitive bias that states that the less we know, the more confident we are.’

Or as the idiom goes

‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’

This is a problem. It is a problem of a society that has given up on critical thinking on all fronts. It is a problem of a society whose currency is based of gaining attention via self modulating algorithms. The crazier you are, the extreme you are, the more attention you get. And since attention is happiness for us now, well we will get our happiness by any means necessary.

There is no balance here. There is no sense of right and wrong. There is no sense of fairness. Just utter mindless human bot behaviour. This is not the behaviour of a functioning society. It is not the behaviour of a society that want to keep on functioning in the future.

We surely are not equal. Some are clearly dumber than others. Some clearly see no light in the abyss, and make it their home. Not knowing, that the darkness which consumes them shall take over us all one by one if we welcome it so willingly. The darkness of resentment. The emotion that destroys civilizations and empires – never for the better.