Thought of the day – alternative energy sources

When it comes to renewable energy, I am in favour of it because fossil fuels are a limited resource and we can’t depend on it in long term. So the energy sources we should look into, should not be too dependent on some other limited resource. And so perhaps renewable for now don’t go far enough on making us more energy independent.

And at the same time we should be using fossil fuels to transition better and not leave others behind in our mania to progress. I don’t think overall electric cars are a good idea because their battery production is not good for the environment.

But perhaps they can pave a way for other technologies. Hydrogen fuel has seemed to be the better option all this time and I am bemused why more focus has not been on this.

Also confused why we are not investing more and focusing more on capturing carbon from the atmosphere and turning into graphene when the aim is to reduce carbon from atmosphere? Why does everything have to be ideological? Carbon is not left or right wing.

Wind and solar however great innovations are too weather dependent, we need to invest more in nuclear and in safer cleaner ways to dispose of nuclear waste, while we transition to perhaps something even better than nuclear.

My main argument is of resources and how to become multi planetary we can’t be too dependent on earth based fuel resources. Limited ones as well. The environment will fix itself don’t you worry about it, we need to find ways to better fix our problems.