The need for structure – thoughts

I say this as an agnostic man, most people need structure. It helps them focus on the important tangible realities of life. Good religions which have been reformed over time, their non-extremist wings, provide it. It is not a bad thing overall as long as you understand the difference and value of understanding the different between metaphorical truths and factual truths.

The more religions move away from factual claims to metaphorical the more force of social good they become over time. Islam is in dire need of these reformations. In my life, which is obviously personal to me, I have found that atheism without any form of spiritual connection (and i don’t mean spiritual in the mumbo jumbo sense here), is not a good informer on the human condition and experience.

That is why I have come to realise that atheism isn’t for everyone – specially if you have no sense of your connection with the cosmos. I might write a book one day about my internal journey, when I have journeyed some more.