Thought of the day – Healthy political differences

You can have political differences on policies and governance matters, it is quite normal or at least should be. But wishing fatal harm to someone who thinks opposite to you is a mental illness. You have wandered too far in your hatred without much understanding of that path.

Thinking just because someone is a conservative means they are evil, deserving of hatred and death, is not a normal position to have. And then to think you are a good person for thinking in that way, is a further proof of your derangement.

And in the same way thinking that any liberal individual is the sum of the extremes on their side, is also not normal. Basically not taking people on their face value is not normal. Othering people and then wishing the worst on them is a human bot behaviour.

Which is why, I don’t like people who call each other scum based on reasonable political difference in views. Legitimate views as well. I am not talking about extremes here.

When people are lost and disconnected with their humanity, they usually seem to lash out at anyone who is likely to make them rethink about their tenuously held beliefs.

Culture and Traditions are far more important than your childish tantrums. If you have something concrete, well thought out, which can bring meaningful reformations to the culture and traditions then that is great. But your tantrums you should keep to yourself.