Sunday thoughts – the dogmatic stupidity of the extremes

The extremes of both the political left and right have completely become detached from reality. You expose the lies of the left and they call you a bigot, you expose the lies of the right and they call corrupt or better yet tell you to wake up.

Wake up to what? The fact both of you have already made up your mind on a conclusion and now trying to work your way back? Yeah, the religions zeal of a conspiracy theorist, spare me.

Both of these factions only have fragments of borrowed intelligence, which is actually being used to manipulate them but they don’t even realize it.

The extreme right simps for Russia and the extreme left simps for China. While both China and Russia sit there rubbing their hands in mutual glee waiting for our self destruction.

The dogmatic stupidity of the extremes will be the end of us. People are so easily led, it really does make you question the concept of free will. Useful idiots.