Come into the Light | Poem | Momus Najmi | The World of Momus Podcast

I pity the souls which have spiralled
into the depths of darkness, 
just to feel its cold sad embrace. 
Mistaking it for the warmth of love, 
for they have seldom known it.

Come into the light, 
I offer you, my hand. 
The love you have forgotten, 
let me remind you of it.

Do not let yourself, be consumed
by that which made you this way.
For what made you stare in the abyss,
has no intention to ever pull you out.
Break this cycle of pain. 

I offer you my hand,
a second time and many more.
Come into the light,
let me show you love.
And together mend the wounds of our past.

The poem talks about overcoming whatever trauma you might have had in the past, overcoming it and getting past the hatred in it. To break the cycle of pain and misery, and go towards the light of human goodness.