Thought of the day – Women only spaces

If you are dude in a dress, who still has his penis. That tells me. That you intend to use it one way or another. Which means the potential of you using it against any woman without their consent, remains the same as any other men, hence the need to bar you from any women spaces like other men.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily translate to you being an inherently bad person, because men are not inherently bad. Only a small minority commit criminal acts. But it means that without knowing you, there is a potential for you to commit such acts, hence the rule must apply.

Now, women are also capable of committing heinous crimes, but not in the same frequency or the same capacity. So, the law must not be blurred on these lines and it should consider the capability of one biological sex over another without being corrupted by subjective feelings.

Blurring these lines, is dangerous for both men and women. For their perceptions, their existence and their co-habitation. But more for children. Women are seen as more nurturing and safe to a child, blurring these lines create false perceptions & opens the door for predators.

Not saying in any of these cases, same acts can’t be committed by women of corrupt morals. But again they are not committed to the same frequency. So, there is no benefit in increasing that frequency & capacity in service of catering to the feelings of a small deluded minority.

This is why, women only spaces are important. Because the potential danger to them, and the consequences of such dangers to them, and to children, are more real and higher, than hurting the feelings of a small minority of men with gender dysphoria.