Two Travelers and a Bear | Aesop’s Fables | Bonus Episode | The World of Momus Podcast

Two trav’llers one morning set out from their home,
It might be from Sparta, from Athens, or Rome;
It matters not which, but agreed, it is said,
Should danger arise, to lend each other aid.

But scarce was this done, when forth rushing amain,
Sprung a bear from a wood tow‘rds these travellers twain;
Then one of our heroes, with courage immense,
Climb’d into a tree, and there found his defence.
The other fell flat to the earth with his dread,
When the bear came and smelt him, and thought he was dead;
So not liking the carcase away trotted he,
When straight our brave hero descended the tree.

“Then,” said he, “I can’t think what the bear could propose,
When so close to his ear he presented his nose.”
“Why this,” said the other, “he told me to do,
To beware for the future of cowards like you.”