Sunday Thoughts

The stoicism of the world wars generation has yet to be matched in modern times relatively. The more you read about the history of that era, the more you begin to understand how much we are lacking. And to imagine those before were even more so, and back and back it goes.

Our pursuit of convenience disguised as a pursuit of happiness, is perhaps a somewhat natural inclination but because it has been during mostly peaceful times has made the West forget about the value of stoicism.

Obviously this is not the same for the world over and it is perhaps the reasons why even within the West, the eastern european block does not relate to the general softness of the rest of the western society.

This is not just a nostalgic yearning, it is actually a lessons forgotten observation. Of course our times now are better in terms of human achievement, but we seem to have forgotten our purpose and value by focusing too much on subjective distractions.

The world can change at any time. Our societies can boom and bust. In the blink of an eye. This is the reality that we must never forget, and with every effort hone our mental capacities to always be prepared to deal with such eventualities.

Forget the lessons of the past at your own peril, dear friends. And those perils would be more dire than your imagination can comprehend.