Thought of the day – lead with love

You know, often times I get passionate about a topic and I love arguing my point with a well meaning like minded person vehemently. I like the back and forth, it brings and the learning it brings along the way as well. I don’t know, that is how I was brought up. This is how we operated.

You have to learn to take offense and give offense in right measure, in the course of your arguments. Life is not an easy ride and nothing comes along with it is supposed to be easy. We cannot protect each other from the ills of it by mollycoddling their experiences. No, that is how you make people less resilient and weaker as a result.

But there is another thing that comes along with it. Another thing that my centrist heart always reverts to, even when it times of temporary lapse in nature. That is to tread carefully as not to overindulge on the extremes of conclusions and conversations. Be careful of undue assumptions. And so when in a wider appeal, let your nature be a guiding principle as to why your way of thinking is justified or even preferable. You cannot convince people to see things your way by being extremely harsh or intensely hateful.

This is an important thing to note. Yes, I have a point I am making. Yes, I have an argument I am forwarding. Yes, I am against one narrative over another in favour. But any agreement and disagreement need to have room for flexibility of doubt – and agreeing to disagree when walls have been encountered not yet able to be chiselled through. You cannot have an honest discourse and a free harmonious society, if you either mandate speech or if you threaten each other with hate and malice.

We need to be proportionate with out actions, reactions and outrage – so that we have the capacity left to understand, analyse, think and evolve. So, no matter the issue, always remember, in battle or in peace, always lead with love.