Thoughts on the Reparation Question in context of Historical Social Injustices

There is an answer to the reparation question in context of historical social injustices if we are talking more practicality and less theory :

If reparations are about repairing social inequalities then they wouldn’t blanket cover an identified victim identity regardless of their current social status. If they are about balancing social inequalities then as part of reparations a certain portion of taxation money can be used to benefit the society and aspects of society where the poorest within it are being affected – improving the environment around them and giving them better chances – then it would also cover all possible historically effected peoples, or descendants of those effected – it will not just help certain individuals of a certain identity because that just seems like some part of revenge. A sentiment which should be made virtuous by monetarily acknowledging it.

This is essentially in theory what the current government has planned as levelling up project – although the current application might not be apt, in theory it makes a lot of sense for a society to bring all its localities up to a level playing field which would benefit anyone – and that is a form of reparation for historical social injustices regardless of people’s immutable characteristics.