Thoughts on Anheuser-Busch Apology Letter

This is actually a win if people care to stop being extreme for a moment. If you want to get over indulgence of gender ideology out of the corporate space hence minimizing its commercial relevance then you have to provide a viable redemption arc for such companies. The best attainable outcome that can be achieved right now if for companies to come to the conclusion that actually we don’t want to be a part of this one way or the other, we just want to sell products.

That straight away reduces the impact of gender idealogues within corporate sector and provides an overall reduction of it from the culture. They are not going to ‘come out and apologize’ – that would not be a good business approach right now. But the problem is this – outrage sells. The woke and the anti-woke are in it for the outrage dollars. They don’t want the problem to be fixed. Who is going to go to their channels or socials otherwise and give them undeserved attention for their half baked reactions.

This incentive structure is actually a huge problem. Unfortunately bad news sells, outrage sells. Sensible talks doesn’t. But that is only because of the audience – the real product – the self abusing consumer needs to become the self aware consumer.

PS: Important to also note and distinguish. The problem should not be that Anheuser-Busch has a trans individual for their advertising campaign but that they chose a particular person who is knee deep in a potentially harmful & objectively false ideology.

So a public veneration of such an individual gives legitimacy to their misinformed ideas creating further safeguarding issues for those vulnerable enough to be influenced by it.

People need to be specific with their objections.