Happy Momus Day 🎉 – birthday thoughts

Happy Momus Day everyone, hope you all are enjoying yourselves. It was a beautiful day over here and I enjoyed pottering around in the garden. Made a friend as well.

Mi garden su garden

Little snail running away thinking I was going to hurt it. Picked him up and set him in a more leafy part of the garden. Eat away haha

I had a lot of time to think as well and reflect back on life. I usually like spending my birthday reflecting rather than going wild. And I feel, for lack of a better word, blessed.

My life is good. Yes I have had challenges, especially recently, which are ongoing, health related issues. But overall I am going well. I am with a beautiful and loving wife, I have a well paying day job, I have a nice little house in a nice little town and best of all I have my books, lots and lots of books.

We can always have more, but we should every often take time to appreciate what we already have and re-evaluate how much more do we actually want and why we want it. Just wanting more and more without a reason or rhyme only makes you more miserable and it is always never enough for you. Sometimes for the moment, enough is good enough, and we need to relax and appreciate it. Be grateful.

Anyway, Happy Momus Day. And always lead with love.