Thought of the day – The Coward Majority

I know a lot of people say, including myself, that when the silent majority wakes up this all will be overturned. But I don’t think so they will. I think they are silent for a reason. This might be hard to hear but I think they are filled with cowards, the blissful ignorant, and those who ‘just want to live their life’, while others bear the heavy burden to make the necessary changes and sacrifice in this world.

This the reason why social media is so useful for them, because it fills that huge gaping void of guilt. They can post something online and feel their job done. Or disassociate themselves completely from social media and say oh this is too much for me. Well, if this is too much for you, then wait and see how much worse it can and will get for everyone.

The Silent Majority, just reaps the benefits while doing bugger all themselves, they go along with whatever rules and then pretend to be the innocent civilians, who were made to do it by the evils that be out there. No, your cowardice made you do it. Because you, being in majority, chose to remain silent while others suffered, for your benefit.

And this is why I think, things will change but it will take a lot longer and along the way we would have picked an incredible amount of bad social habits and will just be normalised under the ‘you win some, you lose some’ paradigm.

Shame on you, the silent majority, for me you are actually labelled the coward majority. And if you think I am wrong, then prove me wrong with your words and actions to those that pin us down.