Britain is my home !

For me, Britain is the best place in the world. Of course it has its various issues, every country does. But this is the country that gave me my freedom and my voice. I love everything about it, it’s history and traditions, along with its many little quirks. 🇬🇧

Other people have different experiences and I can understand that, maybe they have been mistreated, or been in adverse circumstances or whatever else it might have been. But there are enough good people in this country to help you turn your circumstances around if you are willing to take personal responsibility and don’t turn your victimhood into a personality. Misery loves company and it loves to keep you in its embrace.

Whatever it might be, for me, this is my country. This is where I feel at home. This is the only country I am willing to give my life to defend.

If you don’t love my country, and you don’t wish to work to improve it and just want to hate on everything about it, then probably it is time to call it quits. No one is forcing you. Build your life elsewhere, why be miserable living somewhere you don’t like. Good luck to you. Just stop being a net negative for your community.

To other countries who hate on us, keep at it, couldn’t give a toss. Be happy in yours and work to improve yours rather than projecting your hatred unto others.

I am actively trying to stop engaging with hatred over here now. Whatever side it is from. I am just not interested. I am at that age now where it is just not important. This is not how I want the future to be so why make the present like it. I am not interested in this outrage culture to increase engagement, you don’t want to engage with my content then so be it. I can provide for myself and my family well enough not to have to grift online.

To all my fellow Brits, don’t let them make you hate your country. There is no other country like it. No other with such rich history, culture and literature to influence the entire world. Traditions that go back beyond most countries existence. Let’s work to keep improving this beautiful country of ours together, going from strength to strength. There is no adversity that we cannot overcome. 🇬🇧❤️