Stay away from division created by extremist hatred !

Some of the grifters on the hard right now trying to justify the use of the n-word or over focusing on black on white crime – putting clips together to race bait – under free speech are really showing their true nature. I don’t even think they are really racist, I think they are just using outrage to get clicks and views, looking after themselves. All they want like the grifters on the hard left, is their personal gains, society be damned.

In the same way, I also think they are now completely filled with resentment and are just looking for avenues to act out and be challenged so they have something to fight against and legitimised their acting out.

Both the extremes of left and right are filled with resentment. I am only saying this repeatedly because historically resentment is a destructive emotion especially when it is taken advantage of malevolent forces and it has resulted in the build up to the worse of avoidable catastrophes.

Please understand it. Don’t give in to extremism. Don’t lean into hate. Explore ideas, have passionate conversations, probe and investigate but don’t let any of it turn into blinded hate. Don’t let it take over you and change you.

Activism of any sort is not a replacement for working on yourself and building a personality. Activism is not a way as a replacement for your personal responsibilities. Activism without a purpose, just to fill the void in your life, is not a healthy way of life.

You are not being a good person, you are going into things without any understanding because you are probably avoiding the really hard stuff that is needed. Fixing your life and thinking for yourself. And this sort of activism is harmful to the actual cause whatever it might be.

Left or right, conservative or liberal, it doesn’t even matter. Extremism dehumanises you and those around, and destroys a chance for any sensible behaviour. Help others, and lead with love.