Momus Najmi is an author and an occasional poet, born during the spring of 1986, in Kuwait. He lived there till the age of 15, although had to take a brief refuge abroad with his family during the Gulf War. His family later moved to Pakistan, where he lived in Karachi for just over a decade.

He always felt an ideological and cultural disconnect with his country of birth and later residence, but came to find a visceral connection with Britain and so he decided to stay.

Momus is a secular humanist, a linguaphile and bibliophile with a deep appreciation for storytelling, developed from a young age. He advocates for freedom of thought and expression, and the importance of individual rights above all. His interests include exploring the abstract realities of the human mind and its absurd existence within the wonderful peculiarities of our universe.

‘Life is filled with multitude of possibilities and we should explore as many avenues of thought as our interests can hold.’

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