Mumblings of a Fool Volume I

Mumblings of a Fool – Volume I

Mumblings of a Fool – Volume I is the first collection of poems in a long series of collections to be published over the coming years by Momus Najmi. The collection delves into various subjects, such as romance, lost love, society, self-perception and perception of the world, and theological aspects. The poems are not in the categorical order as one might expect, they are scattered randomly jumping from one subject to another, the manner in which they were written. It is a collection of different moods, different emotions at different times, gathered together to form a collective display of passion for poetry. The poems also introduce new and abstract metaphors like ‘Filthy Lake’ or ‘Lake’ in general, a reference to the World.
The book is a collection of 70 poems written over a period of four years, in which there have been different emotions and different motives to write a particular poem and it shows throughout the book at times, the sudden change in tempo and the sudden change of style.


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