‘The World of Momus’ – Podcast

So using Anchor’s amazing automated text to audio voice over services, I have created my podcast ‘The World of Momus’ and made it available on both Anchor and Spotify.

For now I am currently converting some of my random posts to audio and publishing them as podcasts. There will be several of these 1 or 2 minute short audio clips. And later on I will start making purpose filled episodes to feed into the podcast. Its only early days, so lets see how we get on with this, I hope you enjoy the journey. And please do feedback on how you find it to be and what more you might like from it.

Check here for Spotify and here for Anchor.

Lee Hall’s Best Books 2020 review list

Lee Hall was kind enough to put my book, ‘The Silent Betrayal’ as one of the best books read in 2020 and gave a glowing review to the book. Please, have a look through the whole list for other really good indie books on this list and check out the rest of Lee Hall’s website for other interesting posts and books.

The Silent Betrayal – Free Kindle Book Promo 13/06 till 17/06

The Silent Betrayal is available for free on kindle from today till 17th of June. Get your free copy today.

Johann Blakemore, a multi-billionaire, searches for his father’s Nazi past while struggling with moral conflicts. Swimming in these treacherous waters, he must decide whether to do the right thing or make his own reality right.