Chicken soup

Found this – poor chicken   Courtesy of :¬†  

I love cats wearing their hats

I hate to admit it but I love those cats, Those cats sitting in the corner wearing a hat, Thinking what might have been, what they might have had, Bundled up within their own shackles they sit there wearing a hat, Do you think they know something about the rats? Where they have been? Oh…

Dover Castle

If you ever get the chance to go to Dover visit the Dover Castle it is absolutely amazing. The last time I went there I think me and my wife spent around 4-5 hours there, exploring every little bit of it. The castle itself is amazing but the secret war time tunnels are astonishing as…

Me and my wife

It hasn’t really been the best of days for me but I am lucky that I have someone to be comforted by in such days. There is something to be said about relationships we create and the importance of it that just can’t be put into words no matter how much you try, but we…

Angry Bunny

Angry bunny is angry, no other way to say it. Run for your lives.

The beautiful city of Szczecin

I took this picture recently when I went to visit my in-laws in Szczecin, Poland. A really vibrant and thoroughly enjoyable city. The view is from the tower of the Cathedral Basilica of St. James


One of the most oddest things I have come across in a while I have been meaning to post this pic for a while but just got around to doing it. For people who might not know I was a chef at a hotel, one of many hobbies that I am more than happy to…


This picture was taken by Hma Zeest Photographers, It was exhibited at one of their Art Gallery event and presumably sold I just found … I look so different in it It was titled waiting ….

Hama Zest

They say that our mind stores information in the form of pictures and it can relay it best in that form. That was surely the case met with perfect example when I went to a photographic art exhibition held by my two close friends. For long people have debated that digital photography cannot be considered…