The Curse of Humanity

Under this big blue sky with the sun shimmering down on the clear flowing water of the ever lasting rivers sprouting from the chasm of colossal mountains I sit at the edge of imagination dangling my feet by the great oak tree And I see, and I think, and I feel, the world is beautiful…

Thinking aloud

Silence … I should try it someday, But for now I will just keep my mouth shut.

Digging my own grave

I wonder what will it take for people to wake from their conscious slumber I ponder as I take a break From digging my own grave.

What do the blind see?

I look around me and I see, confused eyes looking back at me, And when my eyes meet theirs, I look at them and I ask, What do the blind see?

Foolish Sheep

They think you a fool, and you be a fool, they come dressed in while, with a divine sight, And you believe them, As sheep would with the promise of a better graze, You are a fool, And will remain a fool, Lest you remember, That those that come clad in white, Once held your…

A lion roaring with pride

Can you hear the wolves howling? Calling out your name Like a sheep you whisper your prayers into thin air Terror is approaching Your nightmares ready to rip you apart You cower and crawl into your own hide They will sniff you out and care not for your whimpering squeals They will make it slow…

Contradictory Existence

I am not as you think of me to be And I am not as you may know me to be I am not even as I think or know myself to be I am what my conscience stops me to be.

A sigh of relief !

Slowly as the world completes a full circle, I let myself breath again.

Ni Plus, Ni Plus !

Torrid eyes see yonder, Come passion of rest, Wicked reasons let me be, Enough done, Ni plus! Ni plus! Doldrums of violent anger, What nonsense it speaks, Bon Dieu! Bon Dieu! Give meaning to peace. Treason, not hither not thither, Divine trust credits deceit, Silence thy killing daggers, My ale is going weak. Lament thy…

Always move forward

They say there is a tomorrow, one that we have not yet experienced, and tomorrow will be another, something more to discover, move forward they say, always move forward, there is no looking back. I am now in the tomorrow of yester years, looking at the tomorrow beyond, moving forward as they say, never looking…

I refuse to hope

They tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel I fail to see it but I agree in kind Maybe they need to see it to hope for better But for all that its worth I rather create my own light or darkness I refuse to put my chances on hope.

Drifting Mind

My mind drifts into a dimension not known And in this world it is rendered useless.

Fear of Acceptance

Slowly the world sees a new face, and fail to understand it Not surprising the world was never ready for it. New for whom? The world of course, The face is not new to the beholder It has waited forever to be revealed Slowly and gradually it has been The world did not understand this…

A new existence

It is all falling apart bit by bit, crumbling into an unknown dimension morphing to be the new norm, Is it for better or for worse? we do not know But it will be different for sure we can all feel it A new existence is taking shape All we have to do now is…

There is no place for common sense.

There it is sitting by the riverside, the moon glimmering on its face like the sparkling glimpse of a distant world, Just sitting there casually, not seeming lost even though I feel it is, Staring into the slow flowing water with a wry smile on its face and feet dangling in the cool water playfully…


I wonder if there is anything left in me to wonder, Apart from wondering about the wonderings of my mentally unstable psychosis, I guess I should wonder more, Or perhaps not, either way what is the point, I am as I am, Maybe I need to learn to leave myself alone at times, And so…

To the depths of Hell

To the depths of hell I travel, Wondering if there is a way out from down below, To a new world where there is no heaven To hold me accountable for my crimes. To the depth I climb down, Caring not for the crown that I have build through the tenacity of my own sound,…

Living in a dying forest

I walk bewildered into a dying forest, Asking questions never to be answered, I rest myself down on the ground the green is not but ashes now, I just weep, Tears fall down my face till my heart relinquishes a roar of anguish, and then I cry even more, For there is nothing else to…

They see me

They see me, they always see me, with or without eyes, they see me, and when they do, they see right through me. I wish to escape, and hide away, in a secluded corner, where they will not be, but they gaze follows me, to the depths of hell and the heights of heaven. A…


How far will you run? Till you realize, The demons live inside yourself.