Thought of the day

It is easy to hate and ignore than love and accept – we have all become used to the easy in life but easy will not take us forward.

Thought of the day

In the end, all that matters is that you stayed true to yourself as you strove to learn, adapt and change.

Thought of the Day

Impossible is only a probability waiting to happen, rendering it improbable in theory and rarely possible in practice.

Thought of the day

If you believe in something strong enough it will be – If you believe in yourself to do something strong enough you will accomplish – that said it doesn’t make it right or wrong – maybe you can fool yourself or collectively people can fool themselves – but what you believe in has no justification…

Thought of the day

When you face an adversary, inside yourself or out, remember it is not the actions you must fight against but the ideology of thoughts.

The Silent Betrayal – new book cover

My first novel, ‘The Silent Betrayal’ is out on Kindle and paperback. So my wife, didn’t like the color template of my paperback version of the book. And since she is the boss it has now been changed to Black and Blue. Have a look at the new cover. Thanks

Thought of the day

If you travel far enough into the human mind you will find that is actually not that deep – it doesn’t need to be to survive – only when you wish to do more than just survive.

The Curse of Humanity

Under this big blue sky with the sun shimmering down on the clear flowing water of the ever lasting rivers sprouting from the chasm of colossal mountains I sit at the edge of imagination dangling my feet by the great oak tree And I see, and I think, and I feel, the world is beautiful…

Thinking aloud

Silence … I should try it someday, But for now I will just keep my mouth shut.

Quote of the day

I think as I feel and I feel as I think as would anyone if they understood the essence of their being.

Thought of the day

The world is a mystery if you wish to solve it A tragedy if you want to observe it And a haven for Gods if you are blind enough to ignore it.

Stoned Love by Ian Patrick

Strangest thing happened today, as I was going through on Kindle looking for books to read I chanced upon Ian Patrick, and was reading the description – as you do before buying anything. At the same moment – a friend of mine commented on a facebook page. Well I should say Ian Patrick commented on…

What do the blind see?

I look around me and I see, confused eyes looking back at me, And when my eyes meet theirs, I look at them and I ask, What do the blind see?

The Silent Betrayal

Got the paperback version of my book delivered today. Really good quality. Amazon has done a brilliant job. Hope everyone likes it.

The Silent Betrayal

Hi All, My first novel is out on Kindle as an e-Book and soon the paperback version will be available as well on Amazon. Have a read and please be sure to comments on Amazon – hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks

Thought of the day

No matter what you say there will always be someone out there trying to bring you down. And so you must learn to stand and fight – but you must also learn to look up every now and then, and see if what you stand for is still something worth fighting for. Image: Harvey Dunn’s…

A sigh of relief !

Slowly as the world completes a full circle, I let myself breath again.

Thought of the Day – Insignificant Us

Historically we have looked at the stars to get directions and so have derived a significance to the stars above. Yet the same stars make us feel insignificant as we look at them and understand their existence.