The Silent Betrayal – new book cover

My first novel, ‘The Silent Betrayal’ is out on Kindle and paperback. So my wife, didn’t like the color template of my paperback version of the book. And since she is the boss it has now been changed to Black and Blue. Have a look at the new cover. Thanks

The Curse of Humanity

Under this big blue sky with the sun shimmering down on the clear flowing water of the ever lasting rivers sprouting from the chasm of colossal mountains I sit at the edge of imagination dangling my feet by the great oak tree And I see, and I think, and I feel, the world is beautiful…

Thinking aloud

Silence … I should try it someday, But for now I will just keep my mouth shut.

Stoned Love by Ian Patrick

Strangest thing happened today, as I was going through on Kindle looking for books to read I chanced upon Ian Patrick, and was reading the description – as you do before buying anything. At the same moment – a friend of mine commented on a facebook page. Well I should say Ian Patrick commented on…

What do the blind see?

I look around me and I see, confused eyes looking back at me, And when my eyes meet theirs, I look at them and I ask, What do the blind see?

The Silent Betrayal

Got the paperback version of my book delivered today. Really good quality. Amazon has done a brilliant job. Hope everyone likes it.

The Silent Betrayal

Hi All, My first novel is out on Kindle as an e-Book and soon the paperback version will be available as well on Amazon. Have a read and please be sure to comments on Amazon – hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks

A sigh of relief !

Slowly as the world completes a full circle, I let myself breath again.


How far will you run? Till you realize, The demons live inside yourself.

Support Polish Women

Absolutely appalled by the fact that women in Poland in this day and age still have to protest and fight to keep abortion legal. It should not be up to the government to make laws that are heavily influenced by religion and not by common sense. State and religion should always be separate, otherwise you…

Searching for a broken heart

In the long hours of the night, he sat in a corner looking at the mirror. Wondering and searching. Whoever looked upon him did not know, and could not understand the mystery behind it – but it seldom happened that anyone chanced upon him for he had chosen his own solitary company and for good…

Out of Hibernation

Hi there everyone, after almost a year I am back and back to posting. I have been, well lets say a bit busy with doing absolutely nothing, and now I intend to do that nothing with all of you. Hope you enjoy the nothingness to come from me.


Hey Guys, 3 months ago I shifted my host server to ipage, but kept the wordpress platform just because I enjoy the ease of wordpress. The transition has not been absolutely brilliant I have to say, and I think I prefer going back to wordpress as my host server. even though it is going to…

Metal Forever

Metal is pure and raw, with unrivaled passion and a majestic beauty unlooked for. It is both chaos and order, breathing fire from the most primate self. Do not bash something, or say worse of something just because you do not understand the complexity of it. Everyone has a different understanding or appreciation of music,…


Advise on gambling – dont do it. After losing all my monthly pay in one day, just do not do it. Hard work is the best work.

unknown to known

I dont know if it is a good idea, knowing what you do not need to know. But who decides what i do not need to know. I want to know everything and more. Even if it comes at a personal cost knowing something, getting to discover the unknown is priceless. It is an amazing…


I recently watched this series of documentary available on bbciplayer Lost land of the volcano and I have to say absolutely epic. Apart from it being amazing on the subject matter it is also interesting to see how all different scientist from everywhere else came together to conduct a research on the same place but…


Hi Everyone, I apologize for putting up a lot of reblogs today and nothing original from myself. Been busy at work as you can see. I am trying to find a better layout for this blog but it seems to me yet again twice in the matter of three months I am stuck with this…