A sigh of relief !

Slowly as the world completes a full circle, I let myself breath again.

Thought of the Day – Insignificant Us

Historically we have looked at the stars to get directions and so have derived a significance to the stars above. Yet the same stars make us feel insignificant as we look at them and understand their existence.

Thought of the day

Progressive values of a human mind are a product of logic and reason applied to their very core with the sensibility of human emotions. And as such they come from unencumbered thoughtful prognosis within a defined societal framework – not from unexplained divine entities or from outdated books that strive to pigeonhole our existence into…

Thought of the day

Variations of mental awareness within oneself limits their ability to deliver a truer prognosis of emotional confession – the one who delivers never has full control over their limitations and the one who receives does not understand the limitations of the deliverer. As the one who delivers struggles unknowingly in this process so does the…

Thought of the day

There is nothing like the things you do not know, because it is in them where your hopes may lay, till you prod your miserable senses along and shatter your fantasy – eventually everything disappoints, everything fades and in the dim moonlight of a quiet night – everything dies.


How far will you run? Till you realize, The demons live inside yourself.

Thought of the day

A truly fulfilled human existence is both a selfish and unselfish one. You have to be selfish enough to find yourself, discover yourself in life – and once you have done that only then can you commit to true unselfish acts to further the cause and progression of human civilization.

Support Polish Women

Absolutely appalled by the fact that women in Poland in this day and age still have to protest and fight to keep abortion legal. It should not be up to the government to make laws that are heavily influenced by religion and not by common sense. State and religion should always be separate, otherwise you…

Joke of the day

Found this on the internet few days back, sure its a pretty old joke but I like it none the same

Quote of the day

“Who would you be, if you would not be what you wanted to be? You would be you, yet not entirely you, accepted by others but never by yourself.” – Momus Najmi

Quote of the day

“It will all come to an end, with a crash and a bang or a whisper. But before that there has to be a start – do not meet your end before you begin something.” Momus Najmi

Thought of the day

Know yourself before you start passing judgments and pretend to know someone else

Thought of the day

……… blank …………………………….. thoughts are a blank today – misty shadows swirling in my mind – there is nothing there but an uneasy silence – it worries me not – just scares me a little

Randomness of the day

Opening a can of tuna with a hammer and a screwdriver makes you feel fortunate to have a hammer and a screwdriver at home, but makes you wonder why buy things in can and not a can opener !

Searching for a broken heart

In the long hours of the night, he sat in a corner looking at the mirror. Wondering and searching. Whoever looked upon him did not know, and could not understand the mystery behind it – but it seldom happened that anyone chanced upon him for he had chosen his own solitary company and for good…