Black Lives Matter

There are bad actors on both sides. But not being able to distinguish that ones are organised, in places of authority, systematically strategised and other are miscellaneous, opportunistic, disproportionate without agenda, is the problem.
Of course all lives matter, you would have to be morally corrupt to deny that all lives matter.
But as we have seen, some lives matter more than others – and how long can they stay silent, those whose lives matter less?
You do not diminish your life, or your worth by standing with the oppressed.
It needs to be heard, right now it needs to be said, the suffering is real and we should not let it continue.
Black lives matter, because if they don’t matter than might as well no other life matter.
And it doesn’t matter if that black life is of an educator, leader, student, doctor, engineer, scientist, soldier or even a criminal.
They matter, because others of the same ilk matter.
This is what was agreed upon as the basic tenants of human rights.
This is the reason why we say innocent until proven guilty.
This is why an abhorrent criminal like Charles Manson was not beaten to death by police when they apprehended him but taken into custody and tried for his crimes and punished in accordance with law.
Think about that when you so flippantly say, yeah but I don’t know the back story.
You don’t need to know, to see the conduct of the supposed peacekeepers, the upholders of justice, law and order.
When a black person gets his neck stepped on, for all to see, and dies in agony – then we all get our necks stepped on.
Whats to stop that from being a brown person the next day, or any other shade including white? This is a major point in equality of opportunity regardless of the outcome at the moment – although we all know what the outcomes have been over the years. Everyone should have the same right, to have the same opportunity of treatment.
Black lives matter – more than ever, they matter right now.
Because if you give them power, to walk all over you then they will most definitely walk over you.
Stomp you to the ground and be indiscriminate in their systematic racism.
They will not care who they murder, imprison, beat, harass as long as it not them. It is horrible to think that anyone can be capable of such hatred, but we don’t have to think or imagine, we know it is to be true. It is etched in our history, in our faces and in our lives. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.
Be a human for once, and care for your fellow humans no matter the shade of their skin.
Care for others humans – because humanity is all we have – humanity is all that brings us together as one.
Together, we are stronger. Together we can go the furthest and achieve the most.