Stoned Love by Ian Patrick

Strangest thing happened today, as I was going through on Kindle looking for books to read I chanced upon Ian Patrick, and was reading the description – as you do before buying anything. At the same moment – a friend of mine commented on a facebook page. Well I should say Ian Patrick commented on…

The Silent Betrayal

Got the paperback version of my book delivered today. Really good quality. Amazon has done a brilliant job. Hope everyone likes it.


Originally posted on WorldofHarley:
Hark! Fall to your bloodstained knees, Hear these words as you toil, The clergy of oppression has spoken, Protestant, Catholic, Or otherwise, Seal your minds and follow our words. God loves you, Rationality is heresy, Creativity is unholy, Ideas are unhealthy, Lovers are adulterous, Progressives are witches, Repeat after your clergy,…

The Shame of the Male Virgin

Originally posted on TIME:
What’s craziest about the story of the young man who killed six people and himself at UC Santa Barbara over the weekend is not that he was obsessed with sex, or even that he thought he was entitled to it. Reading his 141-page “manifesto” — and the series of YouTube videos…