Thought of the day

Variations of mental awareness within oneself limits their ability to deliver a truer prognosis of emotional confession – the one who delivers never has full control over their limitations and the one who receives does not understand the limitations of the deliverer. As the one who delivers struggles unknowingly in this process so does the…

The Book

Reading through the book, that says it knows all, I am finding it hard to understand, why does it claims to know it all, about everything that is entirely wrong?

Support Polish Women

Absolutely appalled by the fact that women in Poland in this day and age still have to protest and fight to keep abortion legal. It should not be up to the government to make laws that are heavily influenced by religion and not by common sense. State and religion should always be separate, otherwise you…

The sea of complex miseries

And in the depths of a dying sea, I come across a grotesque being, wise in a sense forgotten, horrible wonderment it proclaimed to be, I ask it in silence, extremely cautiously, and it replies back to me, bewildering my perceived sanity, as I look at it swimming away, I realize, not all is as…

A truthful traitor

for as long as I can remember, I have followed, not blindly, but with clear conscience, at every stage, and at every interval of my life, yet my conscience changed, with each step I took, lest reason hearkened me, to stay as I must. No fear of being considered a traitor, for such fear is…

Quote of the day

“Who would you be, if you would not be what you wanted to be? You would be you, yet not entirely you, accepted by others but never by yourself.” – Momus Najmi

A place to call home

The world that flies on its own, without the wings, of ancient shrines, The world that caters its own, and feed not the militia, of a madman, The world that seeks to understand, and deny none the lore, is the place I call home, But for fame and fortune, can help me find not, and…


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Death will not stop coming And as it creeps in, again to cast a shadow over us I am faced with the facts that while I may not have family and it’s true: not in blood the things she has done for me have made her one of mine Death may…

Thought of the day

……… blank …………………………….. thoughts are a blank today – misty shadows swirling in my mind – there is not… Source: Thought of the day

Ambiguous God

Follow me, to a place, unknown, to do a thing, never before known, do not ask me what, and do not ask me how, my godliness lies, in the ambiguity of it all.

I do not know

I do not know, whether to care or not to, about you, or about me, or about the world we live in, I do not know, because, well ….. I do not know, If I care enough, to know why is it that I do not know.

Cowards who fight

And so I see them killing and hunting, Crying for blood of those they know not of, And I see them howling and growling, Spitting on the fates of those they care not of, Vicious eyes and ferocious heart they carry, No reason they have to slaughter so many, I see them coming from the…

Shadows are dancing on my grave

Shadows are dancing on my grave, I see them from the hole that I have made, What reasons they hold to do so to me? Why do they laugh and be merry in my misery? I sulk in my dark horror with disparity, And they dance wildly without a moment’s clarity, What senses keep, do…

Will I ever see that face again

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The darkest light, falls, on the dimmest face, showing signs of strain, yet, hiding years of neglect, brought on by overbearing, despair, The candle flickers, affording a glimpse of the edges, arou… Source: Will I ever see that face again


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“Giant Cassowary” by William T Cooper ? ? whom did you insult that they’d confiscate the better parts of your wings leaving you grounded on ponderous feet abandoned forever confined to your islands of forest never to pull the free ocean breeze through your shimmering feathers compelled to hide…


    whom did you insult that they’d confiscate the better parts of your wings leaving you grounded on ponderous feet abandoned forever confined to your islands of forest never to pull the… Source: Cassowary

Silently into the night

Silently, into the night, walks a soul, of misguided fright, into the depths, of despair, filled with grayish hell of misty sight, it goes unnoticed, without a sound, till we hear a blast, and find… Source: Silently into the night

A world of my own

Escaping into a world of my own, following footsteps, which I have never heard before, I tread carefully, but with courage and determination, this is mine to make, mine to keep, Mine to be forever … Source: A world of my own

The shrine of human intellect

An eternal wait, we endure, to come here, to what is great, awakening of senses, discovering thoughts in multitude, yet we give it away, for one man’s folly, endorsed by many a like, and enfo… Source: The shrine of human intellect