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Bash your head

there are lots of ways to bash your head around. But the best way is to not tell me, and let me just find the blood with the brain scrambled all over the ground. At least then I would not need to suffer, listening to you moan over the impending doom, on and on. Advertisements

Thought of the day – 10/11/19

No matter what you say there will always be someone out there trying to bring you down. And so you must learn to stand and fight – but you must also learn to look up every now and then, and see if what you stand for is still something worth fighting for.

Thought of the day – 07/11/19

If you believe in something strong enough it will be – If you believe in yourself to do something strong enough you will accomplish – that said it doesn’t make it right or wrong – maybe you can fool yourself or collectively people can fool themselves – but what you believe in has no justification to prove reality – only…

A beast is a beast

Mild natured, well tempered, beast, snatches the last, of the remaining, bones, with ample meat glistening, still mouth-watering fresh, looks around, sees no one complain, a beast, they all think, is still a beast, no matter how humble it may seem.

The Silent Betrayal – New Book Cover

Available on Amazon (Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, & Paperback) Johann Blakemore is a multi-billionaire, heir to one of the richest and most influential companies in North America. Despite his enormous wealth he remains troubled by his childhood traumas, having lost his mother in mysterious circumstances, and devotes his life to discover his father’s rotten past. Johann knows that no matter how…

Thought of the day – 02/11/2019

Variations of mental awareness within oneself limits their ability to deliver a truer prognosis of emotional confession – the one who delivers never has full control over their limitations and the one who receives does not understand the limitations of the deliverer. As the one who delivers struggles unknowingly in this process so does the one who receives impaired through…

Trading a dream for another

They come and they go, Sometimes they stay, For a while to gaze a little, And then go away, But there is always one of them, That stays forever with you, Nursing your sense, Your comfort through pain, But then there comes a day, When you have to let it go, For another that you love, You have to sacrifice…

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