About me

Welcome to the World of Momus Fellow Humanists !

This blog is about various subject matters and does not stick to one theme. You will find poetry, short messtories, articles, randoms thoughts, quote of the day, food recipes, pictures and anything new I can think of to add.

Life should always be filled with multitude of possibilities and to live it to its fullest we should never stick to one thing.

I hope all of you find this blog as interesting as I find writing it. Thank you for stopping by.

For any sort of communication related to the blog or myself readers are more than welcome to communicate with me on the email address specifically assigned for this site:   theworldofmomus@gmail.com


Let me share a little bit about myself with all you lovely people out there. I am a writer and a poet, and because of my immense love for the written word I have made this blog to share the love. I do have a day job as well and I have worked in a variety of fields, from being a chef to a retail manager, a bit of copy-writing, teaching, charity work, restaurant work, human resources to whatever may come next.




I am married – happily married – to an amazing person. My wife is a Pole and because of that in recent years I have developed a strong affiliation with Poland, and I intend on continuing that establishment between me and Poland – growing stronger as days go on.


I am a Brunel University Alumni and for obvious reason very proud of it.brunel


And before I forget I am a very ardent gamer, and there will be a lot of posts related to the gaming world as well specifically related to PS4 games. I am also a crazy Liverpool Football Club supporter, that will become a bit more evident when you read more and more of my posts.


In the end all I would say is the more you read my blog the more you would get to know me, and I would get to know you. And that is the best thing about having a blog, is getting to know people with different or similar point of views and chancing upon their work. There are so many great people with wonderful work I have already found through my blog and I am sure there are more I will get to know.



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