Momus and Swan’s Halfway House Podcast

Episode 6 – “Family Talk – Part Deux” | Halfway House Podcast

Recorded on 30th March 2022 Wednesday. This episode is a continuation of the conversation about families from previous week. In this episode we talk about the role healthy and good families play in combating the social ills and why we should focus our governmental policies geared towards promoting family units. We hope you enjoy this […]

Episode 5 – “We are Family” | Halfway House Podcast

Recorded on 23rd March 2022 Wednesday. In this episode we talk about families, the importance of a family structure and the importance of stability, while keeping in mind all the exceptions to the rule. We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with others if you do. Halfway House Podcast – a home for […]

Episode 4 – “Adversity, Where Art Thou?

Recorded on 16th of March 2022 Wednesday, in this episode we talk about adversity, the importance of it and about finding meaning & happiness inside of you. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode.

Episode 3 – “Death by Virtue”

Recorded on 9th of March 2022, in this episode we talk about what Virtue means, kinds of virtue, the importance of it and the societal ills of virtue signalling. As usual, a lot of other tangents are discussed while other tangents left undiscussed. Such is the nature of open, unplanned and honest conversations – they […]

Episode 2 – “Peace, What is it Good for? | Halfway House Podcast

Recorded on 2nd March 2022, Wednesday, we talk about the situation in Ukraine, the ground realities, and the impact of them on the wider world with a brief overview of the history of that region. Keep in mind, that our intention is only to probe and understand the context of this situation and a hope […]

Episode 1 – “Just-in, Put-in” | Halfway House Podcast

Join us as we release the first episode of Momus and Swan’s Halfway House Podcast! In this first ever episode of Halfway House Podcast we discuss the actions of Vladimir Putin and Justin Trudeau and the impact it might have on the rest of the West and the wider world. This episode was recorded on […]

Halfway House Podcast

Giving a home to the politically and ideologically homeless. Hosted by Momus Najmi and Swan Workman, the podcast intends to delve into various topics and open discussions without any rigid format.

Just two blokes, having real conversations with a real life perspective.

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