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The world is a mystery if you wish to solve it A tragedy if you want to observe it And a haven for Gods if you are blind enough to ignore it.

Stoned Love by Ian Patrick

Strangest thing happened today, as I was going through on Kindle looking for books to read I chanced upon Ian Patrick, and was reading the description – as you do before buying anything. At the same moment – a friend of mine commented on a facebook page. Well I should say Ian Patrick commented on…

Autumns Coming

Originally posted on BY THE LEFT HAND…:
Fine drizzle spews; autumns approaching rain. Evening light retires, gone, is summers gain. Season fast now coming, and you are in its path. Watch as colours form, from ash of summers past. Trees surrender dignity, howling in ice kiss. Creatures take their habit; such winds, long to miss.…


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A border drawn down my spine of believing in me and believing others If we were put here to compete against our neighbour it’s no wonder my fists are callused and yet I still feel defeated Your achievements are not my shortcomings I’ve spent my whole life envying strong women until…

What do the blind see?

I look around me and I see, confused eyes looking back at me, And when my eyes meet theirs, I look at them and I ask, What do the blind see?

The Silent Betrayal

Got the paperback version of my book delivered today. Really good quality. Amazon has done a brilliant job. Hope everyone likes it.

The sea of complex miseries

Originally posted on The World of Momus:
And in the depths of a dying sea, I come across a grotesque being, wise in a sense forgotten, horrible wonderment it proclaimed to be, I ask it in silence, extremely cautiously, and it replies back to me, bewildering my perceived sanity, as I look at it swimming…

A toxic essence of me

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How long will you continue to be? A toxic essence of me, condemning me to a fate, that neither of us would have wanted for me. Leave me be, you who live inside of me, let me ponder in peace, for tomorrow, may not be a tomorrow that…

A lost feeling

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I feel as if a feeling has been taken away from me, locked up in a cage somewhere without my knowledge hidden somewhere in the dungeons of despair, I do not know what is that feeling because I do not think I have ever known it, And now…

The undying wait

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I have waited a year more than a million now, for the day when I would see you again, It seems to me sometimes that day might never come, But I still stay here by my window in hope I wait, And sometimes I think if it is…

Thought of the day

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A truly fulfilled human existence is both a selfish and unselfish one. You have to be selfish enough to find yourself, discover yourself in life – and once you have done that only then can you commit to true unselfish acts to further the cause and progression of…

They see me

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They see me, they always see me, with or without eyes, they see me, and when they do, they see right through me. I wish to escape, and hide away, in a secluded corner, where they will not be, but they gaze follows me, to the depths of…

Foolish Sheep

They think you a fool, and you be a fool, they come dressed in while, with a divine sight, And you believe them, As sheep would with the promise of a better graze, You are a fool, And will remain a fool, Lest you remember, That those that come clad in white, Once held your…


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How far will you run? Till you realize, The demons live inside yourself.

Living in a dying forest

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I walk bewildered into a dying forest, Asking questions never to be answered, I rest myself down on the ground the green is not but ashes now, I just weep, Tears fall down my face till my heart relinquishes a roar of anguish, and then I cry even…

The crimes I have committed

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To the crimes that should never have been, I have done and forgotten, And taken responsibility for none, But they were mine to commit and I have done so, And yours to neglect you have done so, Now you show them to me as if I do not…

Thought of the day

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Progressive values of a human mind are a product of logic and reason applied to their very core with the sensibility of human emotions. And as such they come from unencumbered thoughtful prognosis within a defined societal framework – not from unexplained divine entities or from outdated books…

Till the end consumes it all

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I had a feeling, this was going to happen, at some point, a moment of fate’s choosing, when you would come up to me, and ask me to be, someone you have always wanted me to be, but I also had a feeling, that I would resist, any…