They see me

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They see me, they always see me, with or without eyes, they see me, and when they do, they see right through me. I wish to escape, and hide away, in a secluded corner, where they will not be, but they gaze follows me, to the depths of…

Foolish Sheep

They think you a fool, and you be a fool, they come dressed in while, with a divine sight, And you believe them, As sheep would with the promise of a better graze, You are a fool, And will remain a fool, Lest you remember, That those that come clad in white, Once held your…


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How far will you run? Till you realize, The demons live inside yourself.

Living in a dying forest

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I walk bewildered into a dying forest, Asking questions never to be answered, I rest myself down on the ground the green is not but ashes now, I just weep, Tears fall down my face till my heart relinquishes a roar of anguish, and then I cry even…

The crimes I have committed

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To the crimes that should never have been, I have done and forgotten, And taken responsibility for none, But they were mine to commit and I have done so, And yours to neglect you have done so, Now you show them to me as if I do not…

Thought of the day

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Progressive values of a human mind are a product of logic and reason applied to their very core with the sensibility of human emotions. And as such they come from unencumbered thoughtful prognosis within a defined societal framework – not from unexplained divine entities or from outdated books…

Till the end consumes it all

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I had a feeling, this was going to happen, at some point, a moment of fate’s choosing, when you would come up to me, and ask me to be, someone you have always wanted me to be, but I also had a feeling, that I would resist, any…

A truthful traitor

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for as long as I can remember, I have followed, not blindly, but with clear conscience, at every stage, and at every interval of my life, yet my conscience changed, with each step I took, lest reason hearkened me, to stay as I must. No fear of being…

The Silent Betrayal

Hi All, My first novel is out on Kindle as an e-Book and soon the paperback version will be available as well on Amazon. Have a read and please be sure to comments on Amazon – hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks


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I wonder if there is anything left in me to wonder, Apart from wondering about the wonderings of my mentally unstable psychosis, I guess I should wonder more, Or perhaps not, either way what is the point, I am as I am, Maybe I need to learn to…

Always move forward

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They say there is a tomorrow, one that we have not yet experienced, and tomorrow will be another, something more to discover, move forward they say, always move forward, there is no looking back. I am now in the tomorrow of yester years, looking at the tomorrow beyond,…

Ni Plus, Ni Plus !

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Torrid eyes see yonder, Come passion of rest, Wicked reasons let me be, Enough done, Ni plus! Ni plus! Doldrums of violent anger, What nonsense it speaks, Bon Dieu! Bon Dieu! Give meaning to peace. Treason, not hither not thither, Divine trust credits deceit, Silence thy killing daggers,…

Thought of the day

No matter what you say there will always be someone out there trying to bring you down. And so you must learn to stand and fight – but you must also learn to look up every now and then, and see if what you stand for is still something worth fighting for. Image: Harvey Dunn’s…

A lion roaring with pride

Can you hear the wolves howling? Calling out your name Like a sheep you whisper your prayers into thin air Terror is approaching Your nightmares ready to rip you apart You cower and crawl into your own hide They will sniff you out and care not for your whimpering squeals They will make it slow…

Contradictory Existence

I am not as you think of me to be And I am not as you may know me to be I am not even as I think or know myself to be I am what my conscience stops me to be.

A sigh of relief !

Slowly as the world completes a full circle, I let myself breath again.