Johann Blakemore is a multi-billionaire, heir to one of the richest and most influential companies in North America. Despite the enormous wealth he remains troubled, confused and at constant crossroads with his internal struggles. He suspects his father, whom he hates deeply, of secretly being a Nazi but has been unable to prove it so far. And he also thinks that his father was behind his mother’s sudden death when he was a child. On the one hand he wants to confront his father and on the other he is scared that exposing his father as a Nazi could also mean a possible liquidation of Blakemore Industries by the government with his tainted inheritance taken away from him – selfishness or self-perseverance? But now that decisions are being forced upon him and with the CIA hounding down his mere existence in the name of cooperation, he is pushed by his rejuvenated moral conscience to search for the truth and uncover the countless horrid miseries that his father had helped bring upon this earth – to whatever end. Although finding the truth out and manipulating that truth to make your own reality are two separate things with different consequences. Swimming in these treacherous waters is never too easy and Johann will soon find out that the line between good and evil is drawn by the ink of perception, a perception that he is yet to fully embrace.

‘Mumbling of a Fool’ is a collection of poems written over a decade. It is a collection of free form poetry and does not follow any specific traditional structure or theme. The diverse topics include poems on social commentary, love & lost love, self reflection, peace & hope, anti hate & violence, secular nonconformism and the cognitive depths of a human mind. The poems are not grouped into individual subjects however each poem is denoted by one or more symbol to represent its contextual topic.