Thought of the day

If you believe in something strong enough it will be – If you believe in yourself to do something strong enough you will accomplish – that said it doesn’t make it right or wrong – maybe you can fool yourself or collectively people can fool themselves – but what you believe in has no justification…

Metal Forever

Metal is pure and raw, with unrivaled passion and a majestic beauty unlooked for. It is both chaos and order, breathing fire from the most primate self. Do not bash something, or say worse of something just because you do not understand the complexity of it. Everyone has a different understanding or appreciation of music,…

Thought of the Day

You cannot force others on rights and wrongs just because you believe in a certain doctrine not wholly construed of the entirety of facts of this world. Rights and Wrongs should only be determined by the consensus of law and society. It is not up to certain conformed groups to determine what a person can…

Do you think we can fly?

Do you think we can fly? So far up that we fear to survive, If you think we can, than we can, we can fly and make a space, where we need not worry to survive, only time to determine our flight, But if we think we can, then most definitely we can.

Thought of the day

Good and evil are perceptions of the same mind in different circumstances – the choice of turning that perception into action is what determines it.