Thought of the day

If you believe in something strong enough it will be – If you believe in yourself to do something strong enough you will accomplish – that said it doesn’t make it right or wrong – maybe you can fool yourself or collectively people can fool themselves – but what you believe in has no justification…

Thought of the day

Good and evil are perceptions of the same mind in different circumstances – the choice of turning that perception into action is what determines it.

quote of the day

The disease that has plagued the human kind for generations is determining morality, values of good and evil, through a book rather than finding it within themselves

In the heart of Night

Night flies into the distant sea, surrendering its hold, to the morning breeze, it spread terror, dissolution, and unnerving darkness, but now its good work finishes, and the light must pierce through its soul, evil is good and good is evil, who is to distinguish, what meaning lies, in the heart of the night.