Cowards who fight

And so I see them killing and hunting, Crying for blood of those they know not of, And I see them howling and growling, Spitting on the fates of those they care not of, Vicious eyes and ferocious heart they carry, No reason they have to slaughter so many, I see them coming from the…

The silence you feel

The silence you feel, in your heart of hearts, do you understand? or do you only feel?

With it or without

supplement your heart, with a clarity of mind, and think, if you are better, with it or without.

Into the heart

into the heart, where there is trouble to be found, lies a secret, that is common to our cause, free, let me be free, more free, than the other would let me be.

Hack it off

My head hurts, lets cut it off, grow another, it matters not, my heart hurts, lets hack it off, it matters, but it hurts a lot.

In the heart of Night

Night flies into the distant sea, surrendering its hold, to the morning breeze, it spread terror, dissolution, and unnerving darkness, but now its good work finishes, and the light must pierce through its soul, evil is good and good is evil, who is to distinguish, what meaning lies, in the heart of the night.

Together we shall remain

When there is heart in me, There is heart in you   When there is reason in me, There is reason in you   When there is life in me, Then breathe you do   Together we shine, together we remain, Whatever happens, one we stay   When I see the road, I will lead…