I always find it weird looking at older pictures, there is a lot I don’t remember or recognise […]

I am wrong about a lot of things, but I rather explore my way through them than made […]

You can’t be really good at something unless you are passionate about it, and you can’t be passionate […]

We cannot have a society governed by the emotional outburst of children. Momus Najmi

In places of real struggle there is strife for improvement, not hunt for excuses. Momus Najmi

How much you do not fully understand about a topic or situation, can be measured by how much […]

If you don’t protect the rights of those you oppose then don’t complain when at some point your […]

Stop listening to the disingenuous miscellaneous, and learn to think for yourself.

Science is only science when it lives in the domain of doubt and constant improvement – and is […]