Morning Thoughts

If you are going to push people to extremism, then you will get extremist and some very extremist from certain corners, so don’t be surprised instead look at yourself and reflect on why and how you helped create such hostile environment.

No medical procedure should be made mandatory specially one with risks of adverse effects no matter how small, that is a decision for the patient to take that has still the ability to make cognitive decisions.

You cannot trust career politicians whose effectiveness in their roles depend on their ability to lie and deceit, to dictate what is ultimately best for you. We need to stop looking outwards on our elected officials and others for mothering and instead grow up and take some personal responsibility. Once you go down the route of handing over some of your autonomy of the state, you are unlikely to get any of it back and likely that you will end up handing over more and more.

The only thing that needs to be mandatory in a state is the civil liberty and freedom of its citizens.

Morning !

Morning everyone. Hope you all have a great day. Please be kind to people around you, and lead your day and life with love.

The world is filled with problems and we are all in this together.

Stop giving bandwidth to people who are constantly trying to divide you. Stop giving attention to people who shift every topic to race. Stop paying attention to moaners without solutions. Stop giving attention to people who only make excuses to hide their own incompetence. Stop being woke and be awake to the reality of the world and our shared history.