Introspective thought of the day

A lot of people seem very confused, and disjointed from reality with a lack of purpose these days within the virtual world. And use every point as an attack vector to shut down conversations that might highlight their own in-competencies and in-capabilities in life. It is very disheartening to see.

We as a society, need to find a purpose and a reason within us, to reflect into the world outside of us. For too long we have taken the outside to give purpose to inside. I think it is a big mistake, exploration of within, should be the highest priority of every conscious living being.

Lead yourself to a better place, both in your heart and your life.

Thought of the day

To understand the value of good, you must first recognize and understand the capacity of evil in you. Suppress and ignore for it too long and it will find its way to manifest itself disguised in garment of good. Over indulge in it and it will lead you to a path where you will no longer recognize yourself. True good and true peace lies in knowing that you are capable of destroying it at any moment, so you must strive everyday to keep the balance.