Cowards who fight

And so I see them killing and hunting, Crying for blood of those they know not of, And I see them howling and growling, Spitting on the fates of those they care not of, Vicious eyes and ferocious heart they carry, No reason they have to slaughter so many, I see them coming from the…

Into the abyss of ignorance

Blindly strolling, on the pavement of despair, never knowing to smile, or stumbling upon a reason to do so, what life is this we lead, trying to find something, that needs not to be found, but to be experienced all around, on we go still, into the abyss of ignorance.

unknown to known

I dont know if it is a good idea, knowing what you do not need to know. But who decides what i do not need to know. I want to know everything and more. Even if it comes at a personal cost knowing something, getting to discover the unknown is priceless. It is an amazing…

I am not gone

I am not gone, just a little lost, trying to find, a reason, to be myself, trying to find, a rhyme, to sing my song again, I am not gone, just temporarily, forgotten.

Finding the truth through deception

Discreetly parading the notions of existence, in a way hidden from reality, woven into the persistence of fiction, undermining the substance within reason. Subtly hindering the progress, by seeing beyond where there is nothing to be seen, creating a determinant shallow sea, where if you drown you are said to have found your inner self….

War to end all wars

We are now entering the zone, where it is or it is not, no more doubts, time to pick a side, let us choose the right one, one not riddled with, lies and deceit, a mischievous intent, looking for selfish glory, Lets put sense before all, reason before fiction, lets pick up arms, and go…

Rest my Beautiful Soul

The world is breaking into a dusk of lust, Fear is raking in the hearts of trust, No matter how you see it, this way or that, Everybody in us is lost and dead, Dead in the moment of present and past, Lost in the shades with souls detached, The horror is coming, it waits…