Screaming Anguish

Forever I waited for a mere glimpse of your shadow But all I saw in the end was the shimmer of your scythe as my silence echoed within the screaming anguish.

Thinking aloud

Silence … I should try it someday, But for now I will just keep my mouth shut.


He asked of the night, what is it that you see – it replied with silence and not a whisper more. In the dying hours of its solitude the mist gripped it and made all blind apart from those who dared stick their head out of it. He asked the night again, what is it…

Thought of the day

……… blank …………………………….. thoughts are a blank today – misty shadows swirling in my mind – there is nothing there but an uneasy silence – it worries me not – just scares me a little

The silence you feel

The silence you feel, in your heart of hearts, do you understand? or do you only feel?

Till the end of days

Silently you move towards me, and ask me what I think, of the silence that, now you have broken, all I can say is, with sealed lips and a punctured heart, a solemn glance looking your way, resume the silence, and let it be till the end of days.

Ni Plus, Ni Plus

Torrid eyes see yonder, Come passion of rest, Wicked reasons let me be, Enough done, Ni plus! Ni plus! Doldrums of violent anger, What nonsense it speaks, Bon Dieu! Bon Dieu! Give meaning to peace Treason, not hither not thither, Divine trust credits deceit, Silence thy killing daggers, My ale is going weak Lament thy…


Silent, we all are silent, shouting out loud, but silent, screaming from within, but silent still silent, for how long? how long will we endure? This silence needs to break, a roaring thunder needs to escape from this silence.

Silence in the eyes

Silence in the eyes of the onlooker Silence in the eyes of mine What has gone past has left us wounded the impressions that we must now share and deal with the best we can but all that befalls on us is the silence and silent has also gone the victim of divine crimes in…

Observations in Solitude

Lying in the dark, With, The grand company of me, I converse with the silence, About, the happenings that have yet not been, The silence mocks me, by staying true to its nature, It says nothing, but I know, and I dread to think, If it is going to be in the future, Or if…

The Silent God in Me

Silence is in the arbour of this hallowed disgrace, Silence is in the moment when time fades, Silent are the words spoken with a meaning, Silent are the minds, sits who upon such lore, Silence is in the air above and below, Crazy eyes shouting still silent are their reasons, Silent be the music that…

I Walk my Way

Stumbling in the dark holding the dim candle, Flame faltering with the wind making its way, My feet rubbing against the wood beneath that lay, Creaking and squeaking with every step I take, Eyes bulging, focusing, the hidden shadows lurking, Heart thumping fast out of unexpected fear, Hold on, don’t give up, just walk your…