Thought of the day

If you travel far enough into the human mind you will find that is actually not that deep – it doesn’t need to be to survive – only when you wish to do more than just survive.

To Survive

If I didn’t know, how to survive, do you think I still would be alive? I killed when I saw, a wondering eye or two, And I do not regret, do not lick the – wounds of my dread, I did what I had to, and I did it well, To survive, one must become,…

Hard Day

Its a hard day, with malicious thoughts, colliding with senses, that I have not yet got, it is a hard day, to survive, to breath, and to be alive, but life goes on, one’s hard day is easily ignored, forgotten, not important, maybe not to all, but to me it is, my hard day, a…

Do you think we can fly?

Do you think we can fly? So far up that we fear to survive, If you think we can, than we can, we can fly and make a space, where we need not worry to survive, only time to determine our flight, But if we think we can, then most definitely we can.