Thinking aloud

Silence … I should try it someday, But for now I will just keep my mouth shut.

There is no place for common sense.

There it is sitting by the riverside, the moon glimmering on its face like the sparkling glimpse of a distant world, Just sitting there casually, not seeming lost even though I feel it is, Staring into the slow flowing water with a wry smile on its face and feet dangling in the cool water playfully…

I love cats wearing their hats

I hate to admit it but I love those cats, Those cats sitting in the corner wearing a hat, Thinking what might have been, what they might have had, Bundled up within their own shackles they sit there wearing a hat, Do you think they know something about the rats? Where they have been? Oh…

Only death fears defeat

Bereft of sunshine, stumbling in the dark crevices of solemn despair, this creatures grows ever more mystical, thinking upon thoughts, such pondering within reason yet out of human belief, in this ecstatic melancholy, only death fears defeat.

Thinking ….

I have been sitting all morning pondering over few thoughts, well I say morning it was more like late night and than after a bit of sleep the chain of random occurrences sort of continued. The human nature, the absurd reality of it, the brutal and vile creatures that rule the world and yet are…