Global Isolation

Is this how it is meant to be? Brother against brother sister against sister At each others throat living in an abyss of discontent yet not realizing that within each other they can find content. Is this the world we imagined? Fathers against sons Mothers against daughters fighting for a right to ruin each others…

Global Corruption

For a long time We have taken we have killed and we have polluted Forever longer we will keep rendering such pains in the name of survival But when the world gets tired of seething in silence we will cry in anguish and ask why we have deserved the inconveniences to follow.

For the fear of being called a coward

For the fear of being called a coward, I keep fighting your senseless battles, Spilling blood of innocent and not so innocent, I keep kicking punching, killing a plenty, Now look at me, As I stand on top of children’s graves, How brave am I? Fighting a war of non-existential causes.

Cowards who fight

And so I see them killing and hunting, Crying for blood of those they know not of, And I see them howling and growling, Spitting on the fates of those they care not of, Vicious eyes and ferocious heart they carry, No reason they have to slaughter so many, I see them coming from the…

To war and destruction

Hearts are changing in the midst of it all, Faltering ego is echoing the crimson fall, Shadows are lurking in the valley of the gone, Minds are bursting with passion of the lost.   Simple seasons seem different now, Rain has turned into a storm, The trees are fading to a darker shade, The sun…